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Guns of Old England


Austin KossBy way of introduction, I am Austin Koss and I'd like to explain what Guns of Old England is all about. To me and to many others, fine English shotguns are instruments of high function and beauty – both intrinsic and of the “form follows function” variety. Products of high technology for their time, they bear witness to the creativity of their inventors and the skill of their makers.

These old guns also provide a window to two very distinct segments of the culture of their day. One is the manufacturing side, the other, the consumer. Two very different worlds indeed, both interesting. Being a commoner, despite all pretensions, I find the manufacturing world more interesting, but to each his own. More to the point, it is my intent to bring some of these fine guns, in good condition and at reasonable cost, to hunters and collectors here in the U.S.A.. I guarantee these products and hope you find one you like. Please call me at (231) 622-8813.


Austin Koss